Decor® Thirst
Tritan™ Bottle 1.5L

The Décor Thirst Tritan™ Bottle is perfect for when you need a serious hydration hit. Made from lightweight and durable Tritan™, the 1.5L bottle has a push up and down wide mouth cap and handy printed graduations that help you monitor your intake and keep you motivated! The XL 1.5L size makes it the perfect choice for sports & the gym.

Product Features:
• Lightweight durable Tritan.
• Push up and down wide mouth cap
• Top Lock in carry handle + in build carry handle
• XL 1.5L size perfect for sports & gym
• Graduation lines for measuring water consumption.

Where To Buy

Item No. Description Size (mm) Colour
264500 Decor® Thirst Tritan™ Bottle, 1.5L 90 dia. x 230 Assorted