Are Decor products made in Australia?

Decor’s head office and manufacturing facilities are based in Melbourne, Australia. Our products are designed in Australia and the majority of Decor products are made in Australia, however some Decor products are made in China under Decor supervision. You can be assured wherever a Decor product is made, it is made to the same Decor quality.

Is Decor Australian owned?

Decor was acquired by Marlin Brands, a subsidiary of Oaktree Capital Management and Alceon Group in April 2019. Decor is committed to continuing to manufacture and design in Australia, and have signed a 10-year contract with our local manufacturer in Melbourne, with plans to expand the brand and increase Aussie jobs and exports.

Are Decor products dishwasher safe?

The majority of Decor products are dishwasher safe. To check if a product is safe for the dishwasher, look for the below icon on the base of the product:

Are Decor products freezer safe?

The majority of Decor’s food storage products are freezer safe. To check if a product is safe for the freezer, look for the below icon on the base of the product:

Please note to be careful handling products when they are frozen.  Freezing can cause products to become temporarily stiff making it difficult to remove their lids.  If the product is dropped or knocked straight out of the freezer it could break.

Hint:  After taking a product from the freezer, we recommend that you allow it to rest at room temperature for a few minutes, or run warm water over it for a few seconds.  The lid will then be easy to remove. DO NOT run water over a glass storer that has been in the freezer.

Are Decor products microwave safe?

The majority of Decor’s food storage products are microwave safe. To check if a product is safe for the microwave, look for the below icon on the base of the product:

Note: Ensure to follow all guidelines for microwaving provided with product.

Does Decor give a Life Time Guarantee?

Decor does not have a Life Time Guarantee on our products.

What is your replacement policy?

Decor uses only the finest quality materials for its products. Decor will replace any product showing a manufacturing defect with the same or equivalent product if it is returned to Decor with proof of purchase. This does not cover things such as normal wear and tear and damage due to misuse, or consequential damage.

Customer Service Department
Customer Contact Form
Telephone:  03 9759 2222
Hours: 9.00 am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday

Required information
Before contacting us please check the base of your product. This is where you will find the item number e.g.*0224. This number needs to be supplied to ensure you receive the correct replacement parts. Once you have this number, contact our Customer Service Department using either the enquiry form here, or by phone, and we will advise if the part is available and the cost.
If you have difficulty identifying the item number, please take a photo and attach it to the enquiry form. Our customer service team can then identify the item for you.

I have lost part of my product (lid/base/cap) are replacements availiable?

Please contact our Customer Service Team regarding replacement items.

Can I buy direct from Decor?

Decor does not sell direct to consumers. Our products are ranged in major retailers, please visit our stockists page to see where you can purchase our range.

Does Decor have an ONLINE store?

Decor does not sell online. Please visit our stockists page to see where you can purchase our range.

Are Decor products available overseas?

Decor is currently building our export market, at this point in time, we have a limited ranged of Decor products being sold by retailers overseas. Please visit our stockists page to see where our range is available overseas.

There is a slight smell in the container when I first open it, should I be concerned?

We recommend that all of our products are washed prior to first use. If a slight odour still remains, you shouldn’t be concerned. We recommend adding a few drops of vanilla essence to the container, then fill with warm water and let it soak for a couple of hours.

Where can I find instruction and recipe booklets?

Microsafe® Vegetable Steamer

Microsafe® Pasta Cooker

Decor Microsafe® Rice Cooker

Microsafe® Steam Egg Poacher

Decor Microsafe® Bacon Cooker


Lunch Break™


My lid doesn’t fit correctly!

The lids on Decor storage containers are designed to fit well for a better seal. Occasionally when a plastic lid is separated from its base, it can shrink to a degree causing it to become harder to put back on the container. The solution is to run the lid under hot water, which will cause the plastic to soften slightly, making it easier to put back on the base. Once on, leave it overnight to obtain a perfect fit.

Will my Decor products stain?

Microwaving foods high in sugar, oil, fat, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli or curries may mark or stain plastic, but will not affect its safety or usability. To help reduce marking or blistering try to avoid long cooking times, foods high in oil, fat and sugar and stir regularly when reheating food in the microwave.

Hint:  Applying a paste of baking soda and water and then rinsing thoroughly may help reduce discolouration if it has occurred.

What is BPA?

Bisphenol A is a chemical used by manufacturers as a building block of polycarbonate a plastics material not used by Decor for food storage products. You can find out more about BPA here.

Do Décor products contain phthalates?

Independent laboratory testing of Décor containers not only meet but surpass and are superior to European Standard EC 10/2011 Anex 1 and Regulation 1935/2004 Phthalate Content.

Do Décor products contain BPA?

Décor food containers and drink bottles are BPA free. BPA is not used in the manufacture of the raw materials or added during the manufacturing of the products.

What type of plastic is my Decor product made of?

The number shown on a plastic product is a globally used labeling scheme that tells people the type of plastic the product is made from and how / if it can be recycled. You can find this labeling on the base of all of Decor’s plastic products.7

What is Decor position on antibacterial chemicals?

Decor policy is not to add any antibacterial chemicals into our food containers or drink bottles.

Are Decor cooler bag liners safe?

The silver linings used in all Decor cooler bags are food safe. The polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) material use in our cooler bags is free of BPA, Lead, Phthalates and PVC.

How should I clean a Decor cooler bag?

Wipe the fabric surface with a damp cloth; allow to dry before closing the cooler.

How do I remove the residue left by stickers on the product?

Decor uses stickers that are easy to remove without leaving residue. If however some residue is left on the product we recommend using Mr Sheen or Citrus Spray to remove the residue.

What is Tritan?

Tritan™ is a BPA free plastic that is impact resistant. Products made with Tritan™ are crystal clear, odour resistant & durable.