Tuscan chicken and pear salad

5 small chicken breast fillets

2 tsp Tuscan seasoning

2 pears, cut into fine batons

1 red onion, sliced

4 cups mixed baby salad leaves

½ cup Ranch dressing, to serve

1. Sprinkle the chicken breast fillets with Tuscan seasoning, then set aside for 5 minutes. Cook in a nonstick
frying pan using a little extra virgin olive oil for 10 minutes, turning regularly, until just firm. Set
aside to cool completely, then slice finely.

2. Combine the pears, onion and baby salad leaves in a bowl and toss to combine. Arrange salad in
Match-ups™ containers, then top with the chicken. Pour the dressing over chicken and salad.

Tip: Take your salad on-the-go in your leak-proof and airtight Match-ups™ Clips 1L storer.