To Cook Pasta for Reheating

There are times when it’s difficult to cook at the last moment, so it’s handy to know you can reheat pasta very successfully using Tellfresh® Microsafe® storers.

The cooked pasta can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours – ideal for an impromptu party occasion or quick family dinner.
Cook in advance as much pasta as you need in plenty of boiling salted water.

The pasta should be cooked to the ‘al dente’ stage, meaning just firm to bite when tested.
Drain well.

Transfer to a large Tellfresh® Microsafe® storer – choose a size in which the pasta will fill three-quarters of the storer.

Cover with cold water and add half a dozen ice cubes to cool it quickly. Put lid on storer with red vent closed. Store in the refrigerator.

Before reheating, drain pasta very well for 5 minutes in a colander. Return to the storer.Mix with your chosen sauce, such as our Fresh Tomato Sauce. Put lid on storer with red vent open.

Microwave on high (timing will depend on the amount of pasta to be reheated – if microwaving large quantities, you can of course do several batches quickly)