Vent & Seal
Glass Round 500ml

Keep food fresher for longer with our new Vent & Seal glass range Made of durable and stain free borosilicate glass Vent & Seal will help you get organised and reduce food waste. Its leakproof & airtight seal means no spills & optimum freshness and with a number of shapes and sizes you will quickly discover this is the ultimate food storage solution from Decor.

Product Features:
Premium borosilicate glass.
Odour free & easy to clean.
Leakproof & airtight seal, no spills & optimum freshness.
TPE seal avoids food getting stuck for easy cleaning.
Air flow & microwave vent button.
Clear, flat rimmed lids for easy visibility & stacking.
Perfect for fridge, pantry & oven.
Available in 6 different sizes.
Freezer safe.
Microwave safe.
Dishwasher safe (top rack only).
BPA free.

For care and usage instructions click here.

Item No. Description Size (mm) Colour
236605 Vent & Seal Glass Round 500ml 125 x 125 x 68 Teal

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