Décor® Slider™
Sport Bottle 750ml

The Decor® Slider™ Sport Bottle is great for school, work, the gym, walks, picnics or in the car.

Product Features:
 Dental safe slider pop top.
 Easy to hold ribbed hand grip.
 Made from durable and squeezable LDPE plastic.
Leak-proof and airtight.
 Dishwasher safe.
 Freezer safe.
• Food safe, BPA free and recyclable.

Handy Hint:
Freeze a drink in a bottle and include it in a lunch cooler, keeping the food chilled and crisp, and melting to a refreshing drink by lunchtime.

Where To Buy

Item No. Description Size (mm) Colour
216900 Pumped® Slider™ Sport Bottle, 750ml 260 x 70 x 70 Assorted