Match-ups® Glass
Storer, Round 1.5L

Find the right lid everytime with Decor Match-ups®. The ultimate container has a smart lid colour match system where lids and bases match in colour, teal lids match teal bases – its so simple and smart! With unique airtight and leak-proof realseal lids, Match-ups® will keep food fresher for longer and the glass bases won’t stain or absorb smells. Thanks to their air release lid vent buttons, Match-ups® can go from freezer or fridge staight to microwave. All the storers are clearly marked with coloured graduated measurements and nest inside each other to save space. The range includes a sizes for every storage need with 8 coloured lids fitting across 26 bases, available in both plastic and glass.

Item No. Description Size (mm) Colour
227200 Match-ups® Glass Storer, Round 1.5L 194 x 91 x 188 Clear, Navy Seal