• 150900-Speed-Quick-Squeeze-Mop

Decor Speed®
QuickSqueeze™ Mop

The Decor Speed® QuickSqueeze™ Mop has a super-absorbent grooved sponge that is tough but soft and scrubs as you mop. The mop head is angled to make better contact with the floor surface. The squeeze action ensures water is squeezed from the entire mop head. There are clips on the mop head to hold a Decor microfibre cloth for polishing or dusting the floor (cloths sold separately). The handle is can be extended to give to a total length of 1.45m and can be easily retracted to save space. Replacement sponges are available.

Item No. Description Size (mm) Colour
150900 Decor Speed® QuickSqueeze™ Mop Handle 22 x 1170 Blue, silver, yellow