Pantry envy alert!


When it came to building her dream pantry, Décor Match-ups lover Sarah was adamant that the space needed to be designed specifically to fit her favourite clever food storage containers.

“I took a Match-ups storer along to the meeting with the architect to ensure the shelves would be designed to maximise our space.”

With the Match-ups clever lid colour match system finding the right lid everytime is a breeze, Sarah said “trying to find the right lid to go with the right base used to be a real pain, but now the Match-ups colour system has eliminated the hassle completely, it’s just so easy to look for the colour on the base and the colour on the lid and match them up together in a flash.”

Sarah told us that the new pantry set up has delivered savings and food waste benefits too “our food stays fresher for longer thanks to the airtight lid seals and as we can now clearly see all the food on display things don’t get pushed to the back of the pantry and forgotten about anymore.”

“I love having an organised pantry full of neatly stacked coloured storers and using the Tellfresh tags to note each containers contents. It’s my favourite room in the house!” With such a stylish storage solution in Décor Match-ups we love it too Sarah.