At last, a high performance protein shaker!

Getting motivated is hard work. Staying motivated is even harder. But when you’ve invested in the very best of everything – from the latest Nikes through to the Olympic-grade compression tights, the essential Fitbit® through to the all important, top of the range gym membership – the motivation to sport your new gear is (thankfully!) almost irresistible!

The only thing that doesn’t match your super stylin’ fitness regime is your daggy old protein shaker! The one that leaks into your gym bag, stinks from yesterday’s shake and doesn’t even do the job its supposed to – leaving clumps and lumps of protein powder no matter how hard you shake!

Further cementing themselves as a market leader in functional product design, the clever team at Décor have established what Australian’s really want from their protein shakers & developed two state of the art, innovative shakers that offer unparalleled features.


The leak-proof flip cap locks into place to ensure there’s no spills when taking protein on-the-go.


Enjoy a completely smooth consistency, every single time, thanks to the clever agitator design. And once you’re done it pulls apart for easy cleaning.


Thanks to the crystal clear and odour resistant Tritan base you won’t be left with a stinky shaker.


The clever rounded base allows the agitator to move freely preventing any powder build up in the corners, producing a lump free blend.


Take your protein power or extra snacks with you on the go with the super handy capsule that screws securely onto the bottom of your shaker.

Décor Power™ Protein Shaker  800ml – includes 150ml protein capsule.

Available at Woolworths and independent supermarkets.

Décor Tone™ Protein Shaker 570ml – includes 110ml protein capsule.

Available at Woolworths, Spotlight and independent supermarkets.