Introducing the Microsafe 6 Cupcake Tray and Microsafe 22cm Cake Tray!

We all love cakes and cupcakes. But preparing them at home can be a tiresome and time-consuming exercise – let alone the frustrating amount of time it can take. Really, its quicker and easier just to go out and buy a cake or cupcakes from the shops most of the time! Until now…

Décor is thrilled to introduce the latest innovation in microwave cookware: the new Microsafe 6 Cupcake Tray and the new Microsafe 22cm Cake Tray.

With a pioneering design that ensures even, fast cooking, the Microsafe Cupcake Tray cooks 6 cupcakes in only 3 minutes. It’s as simple as adding patty pans, filling with batter and popping the tray straight into the microwave.

The Microsafe Cake Tray cooks a large 22cm cake in just 6 minutes. Simply line the Cake Tray generously with oil or butter, add batter and place straight into the microwave.

With the convenience and speed of microwave cooking, there is no time wasted pre-heating the oven (and heating up the house in the middle of summer), watching the baking process like a hungry hawk (only for your creation to burn – or flop – the minute you get distracted by your Insta-feed). With Décor, baking’s now so easy, cooked treats are merely minutes away! It’s so quick, easy and most of all safe that its perfect for fun with the kids. And in more good news, both products are designed to work with packet mix or home-made recipes.

Made from durable, heat resistant material, they feature safe hold handles so carrying from the bench to the microwave and back is a breeze. And unlike standard cake making, clean-up is completely painless – no more handwashing tins, the trays go straight into the dishwasher and the cakes straight into hungry happy mouths!

Don’t wait for a special occasion – baking is now a piece of cake!