Celebrating 60 years of Decor!

Originally launching in 1958, this year marks Decors 60th birthday!

Australia has changed a lot over the last 60 years, but some things never change – Décor’s reputation of design excellence, product innovation and trusted quality. With a strong commitment to research and development, today Décor continues to invest in new world class products, made right here in Australia.

Décor has been a part of Australian daily lives in so many different ways:

  • Pantries, fridges and freezers all around the country have been stocked and organised with Décor Match-ups and Décor Tellfresh food storage containers.
  • We’ve microwaved gourmet meals in minutes, from poached eggs to quinoa, using the trusty red Décor Microsafe range.
  • Countless dinners have been baked, stored, frozen and reheated using Décor Thermostone and Décor Thermoglass ovenware.
  • Dinner parties have been hosted with drinks brought along in the iconic Décor 2 Bottle BYO Wine Cooler.
  • Almost every Australian child has started the school year with a brand-new Décor Pumped lunchbox or cooler bag.
  • We’ve kept hydrated with the Décor Hydration range and bulked up after workouts with the Décor Power and Tone Protein Shakers.
  • Families have enjoyed delicious meals plated up on Décor Picnicware and Décor Bamboo Tableware.
  • Important paperwork, filling and even our rubbish has been housed in the Décor Store and Organise range.
  • We’ve fed babies from the Décor’s Baby range, potted plants in pots from the Décor Garden range and spring cleaned using the Décor Speed range.

And now it’s time to celebrate… in style!

To make celebrations (and everyday life!) even easier, the clever folk at Décor have come up with the perfect new products to further enhance family life in Australia. Introducing Décor’s new microwave cookware innovation – the Microsafe 6 Cupcake Tray and the Microsafe 22cm Cake Tray. Click here for more information.

In the meantime, raise a glass – or a cupcake – to Décor! Here’s to another 60 years!