Decor Thermoglass® cookware from Decor is so versatile it makes cooking much more convenient. The set of glass dishes can be used in conventional ovens and microwaves and for serving, storing and reheating meals.

Decor Thermoglass® is made of borosilicate glass so that it’s strong, oven-safe and the dishes have an oblong shape that ensures efficient, even cooking. Safe hold handles on each dish allows for safe and easy handling. A further benefit is that Decor Thermoglass® won’t absorb flavours or stain.

A feature of the Decor Thermoglass® range is that each dish comes with a red Realseal™ lid, which has a steam release vent. By clicking open the vent, the lids allow use of the dishes in the microwave for quick cooking and reheating, without any messy splatter. Close the vent and dishes containing prepared meals or leftovers can be stored airtight and leakproof in the fridge and freezer.

All Decor Thermoglass® dishes and lids are dishwasher-safe.