Our Tellfresh® storers are Australia’s favourite food storers, known for their quality, functionality and affordability. The Tellfresh® range works as a system. There’s an extensive range of useful shapes and sizes and, being stackable, you can arrange them so your pantry, fridge or freezer is neatly organised. Tellfresh® storers are designed and made in Australia.


Tellfresh Range

An extensive range

There’s a Tellfresh® storer for just about every type of food item. Each storer is clearly marked with graduated measurements. They can be taken directly from the fridge or freezer and reheated in the microwave (loosen lid first). Tellfresh® tags can be used for noting reheating instructions. Tellfresh® storers also make ideal lunch and snack boxes; to save time, pack and store the night before and note names on tags. The storers are dishwasher safe and when not being used they nest inside each other to save space.


Tellfresh Tags

Tellfresh® tags

All the storers are designed to take Tellfresh® tags that clip on so you can note details such as the contents and use-by date. You’ll no longer need to feel concerned about food that has been stored or frozen for a while. Tellfresh® tags are the key. Using the pencil provided, note the contents and relevant dates on a tag and slot it into place between the two guides.

The tags, including pencil and eraser, are included with most storer sets and also sold separately. They are waterproof, so your notes remain clear and legible. After use, the notes can be rubbed off with the eraser.