Microsafe® Steam Egg Poacher & Bacon Cooker

It’s now possible to enjoy delicious, perfectly cooked, café style bacon and eggs, made with the convenience and ease of the microwave.

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Microsafe® Steam Egg Poacher

Microsafe® Bacon Cooker

Easy Recipes

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Microwave cooking and reheating

The Microsafe® range is specially designed for safe and convenient use in the microwave. They can be used to store pre-prepared foods in the fridge or freezer and are convenient for quick reheating in the microwave.

Also available in the Microsafe® range are a variety of storers including steaming racks which are perfect for quick cooking of fresh foods.

Microsafe® are designed and made in Australia.


Steam release vent & safe-hold handles

Microsafe® lids include a steam release vent which is popped open for microwave reheating and popped closed for fridge, freezer and pantry storing.

Microsafe® containers have easy-to-grip handles that stay cool while the food is heating, helping make it safe and easy to remove from the microwave. The lifting tabs on the lid also stay cool for safe removal of the lid.


Stackable for reheating and quick cooking

Two or more Microsafe® containers can be stacked safely in the microwave, with the steam release vents open. The inbuilt ‘feet’ allow the microwaves to flow underneath the container, aiding the cooking process.

The red Microsafe® bases are also stain resistant making them perfect for reheating foods such as pastas, curries or soups.

Specialty cookers to make dinner easier!

The Microsafe® range includes a variety of specialty cookers to make cooking meal staples easier. The range includes a Rice Cooker, Pasta Cooker, Steam Egg Poacher, Bacon Cooker, Noodle Bowl, Soup Mug and Segmented Plate.

Delicious Recipes

Dinner’s sorted with delicious recipes that are quick and easy to prepare using the Microsafe® range, click here to view.