How can a plantpot be self-watering? 
Each plantpot has a built-in waterwell®. You pot your plant normally in regular, good-quality potting mix and the waterwell® keeps the soil moist. Being able to take just the amount of moisture it needs, your plant can grow lush and beautiful. You top up the waterwell® as required. The inner floor of the plantpot is ventilated, which enhances aeration of the root system and further encourages healthy growth.

Selfwatering Wall Garden ‘how-to’ video by Trevor Cochrane


Conserve water

How much water does your plant need?  Too little can cause a plant to become distressed, so the tendency is to give it too much water.  In a self-watering plantpot, the plant will take just as much as it needs, so you’ll use less water than if you watered every few days. Over-watering cannot occur, as the inner floor sits above the water level. When the plantpot is used outdoors, rainwater seeps through the soil and collects in the waterwell® for later use. Any excess water flows out without damaging the plant.


Save time

With self-watering plantpots you can care for your plants without the worry of checking their water needs every day. Before you go on holidays, move your plants away from strong sunlight, water them well from the top to make the soil really moist, then top up the waterwell®. Depending on the conditions and type of plants, your self-watering plantpots can provide your plants’ water needs for extended periods.

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